The boy takes only old and sick dogs from the shelter, which no one will want to take home anymore

Three years ago, a boy named Robbie was adopted, before meeting with his adoptive parents, he suffered a lot: he was bullied, humiliated, and beaten. Now, 8-year-old Robbie is completely safe, he is loved and cared for.

There have always been animals in the house where the family lives, but recently they have begun to take dogs from the shelter and prefer those that no one will take away. And it all started when Maria and Charles Gay adopted Robbie. It turned out that the boy, seeing how his new parents take care of him, wanted to give his love to someone, too.

The boy reveals that he is very happy to be the son of Maria and Charles, and he realizes how lucky he is because most often young families tend to adopt a baby, but adult children are less likely to find loving parents.

One day, the family took an adult dog named Buffy from the shelter. When they took it to the vet, it turned out that the animal was very ill, tests showed irreversible changes in the kidneys. The doctor said that it would get worse further, Buffy would suffer a lot from the pain and it would be more humane to help the dog die without suffering.

The upset couple decided not to hide from their son that they could soon lose Buffy. Maria immediately went to school for the boy. She was touched by how seriously he reacted to the terrible news. Robbie told his mother that he wanted his Buffy to go to the dog Rainbow without suffering and pain.

His parents did what he asked, and they accompanied Buffy on its final journey.

A woman shared this story on her social media page, and she wrote that her son was a miracle, despite a hard experience, and he had a big heart and compassion.

This post went viral, received a lot of likes, and touched users quickly spread it around the network.

And Robbie continues to take care of adult animals, he is a volunteer in a public organization, and his example has inspired many people. Once, the family learned that only during the day 25 elderly animals were taken from shelters.

The boy hopes that people will become kinder to adult pets, as well as to children and the elderly. He is sure that as soon as he grows up and becomes independent, he will certainly take adult children into the family. In the meantime, he and his family have given shelter to six adult dogs.


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