21 little dogs who have no idea how big they have grown

Puppies never change, they just get much bigger. Because a dog is the smartest creature that understands perfectly when it’s time to behave seriously, and when they can forget everything and « fall into childhood ». One problem is that many of them ignore the fact that they have grown up for a long time. And this is what it looks like.

This is not a polar bear, but just a dog that wanted to sit on the knees — a habit from childhood

How to occupy a child? Instruct him to comb the dog!

You won’t believe it, but this younger brother of volkolak is terribly scared — they are sitting in the lobby of the veterinary clinic

It’s somehow completely unfair when a kitten weighing 1 kg drives a 40-kg dog under the table

A girl in a St. Bernard costume next to a real St. Bernard. Look at her little hand and the dog’s paw!

What kind of misunderstanding is this? Go, eat up, if you want to become like me!

A spectacle from which half of the Disney fans faint, and the second enthusiastically applauds!

When Big Joe yawns, a whole basket of kittens can fit inside!

I don’t want to offend anyone, but the boy will not succeed

The American wolfhound was crossed with a malamute. Their child is in the photo.

The children made a « walrus » out of the dog. By the way, these are selected carrots 30 cm long!

Cute fuzzies can also be very big!

The fence is a meter high. And the neighbor’s dog is still a puppy. It’s better to be friends with him.

The size of the paw of Irish wolfhounds is always larger than the size of their owners ‘ shoes

So what if he’s bigger than the hostess? But how cute!

Wherewith paws on the seat?!! Although, who would dare to make a remark?

And the puppy has grown up!

German handsome Leonberger breed

This is not photoshop. His respectful name is Koji.

This is also a puppy, only 6.5 months old.

The owner is 180 cm tall and weighs 130 kg. Estimate the size of the dog.

This is not a pocket squeaky misunderstanding for you! Real good boys and girls!

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