The dog saved the kitten and now arranges play therapy sessions for him

What forms of care do you know about animals for animals, especially of a different kind? Share food or give up a place on the mat, protect from enemies. But the dog named Anya has a completely different approach!

Anya is on the right, Munchi is on the left. This is their ritual.

If Anya is a well-behaved domestic dog, then Munchi is a foundling, a street urchin who hid under a street tank. The kitten was afraid of everything and even when he was in the house, he constantly hid in the basement. Specialists shrugged their hands — a sincere approach and a lot of effort are needed here. And suddenly, unexpectedly for everyone, Anya found a way out!

Anya took a toy, a bow on a string, came to Munchi, and began to play with him. Not immediately, but the kitten became interested in the toy and began to reciprocate. Now she comes to Munchi every morning and plays with him, spends time. This helped and the kitten stopped being afraid of everything and everyone.

A smart dog is a real savior in the house!

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