Unusual friends: a puppy made friends with a tiger cub, who was rejected by his mother

A friendship between a cat and a dog is no longer uncommon, but between a tiger cub and a puppy, this is at least unusual.

A tiger cub named Hunter and a Puppy named Chelsea not only found a common language but also became best friends. It’s so cute!

Chelsea is three weeks older than the Hunter, both living in the Pretoria Game Reserve in South Africa.

The tiger baby was born in the reserve. But soon after it was born, the mother began to aggressively attack it. The employees had to separate the baby from his mother to keep him alive and introduced him to Chelsea. Since then, they have been “inseparable”.

When the employee releases Chelsea from the cage in the morning, the dog immediately runs to the Hunter. Friends play almost all day: Chelsea always pushes the Hunter, and the Hunter jumps over a friend.

The Hunter doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, so he’s lucky to have a loyal friend, even a different kind.

But unfortunately, their friendship will last another six months. Then they’ll be separated so the Hunter doesn’t hurt Chelsea. Alas, by their nature, they are indifferent weight classes and have different destinations.

They are so cute!


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