The young British shaggy boy is very similar to Boris Johnson

David Barabash is only 3 months old, and he is already a star thanks to his incredible shock of unruly blond hair. The similarity with the current British prime minister is so great that everyone is just talking about it. And at the same time, they predict a great political career for young David.

Three months, yeah. Mom says it’s useless to comb his hair.

David’s unusual hair surprised everyone – from obstetricians and nurses to relatives. The fact is that there is no one in this family for three generations of light ones, except that the grandmother, who has brown hair. It is not known what kind of gene failed and led to the appearance of a bright blonde in a family of brunettes. According to the DNA, he is the son of his parents, but he does not look like them at all.

Despite the similarity to the prime minister, the family refused to call the boy Boris. However, it is somewhat difficult to explain this to passers-by, who compare him with a politician. In this case, mother Tatiana even started an account with the telling name “Not the son of Boris Johnson”.

Parents do not plan to cut the hair of the young star at all, in the foreseeable future. It’s too interesting what will grow up in the end. Hair does not cause much trouble.



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