A tiny kitten the size of a spoon has been fighting for life for a long time

Life has thrown baby Francis — a cute kitten the size of a tablespoon-a lot of trouble. The animal was on the street, it was very weak and only thanks to great luck it fell into the hands of a caring veterinarian Ellen, aimed at saving the poor kitten.

The stubborn little kitten

Francis initially had very little chance. Streetlife has rewarded him with many diseases, in addition to his little size. The veterinarian had to take him to her home, fortunately, the other cat of the woman turned out to be very friendly and took care of the basic skills of the cat — going to the tray, licking.

Despite the difficulties, he was restless. Every day Ellen took him to work and carried him in her pocket, because he liked to yell, was bored when she left, and was very happy if he was always with her. Affection and love helped him overcome his illness.

A midget among cats

He has not grown much from his original weight. And there is a suspicion that he is unlikely to be able to achieve large dimensions. Most likely, he will be the size of a small cup for the rest of his life due to a significant lack of growth hormone.

But in his life there were new owners who took on their shoulders the responsibility for a kitten. This story could have had a tragic ending, if not for the compassion of a young woman and the perseverance of a cat who wants to recover and lead a full-fledged cat life.


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