14+ pictures that will prove that cats are liquid.

Absolutely all cats are trying to get somewhere and hide. Moreover, the small size of the box or the narrow neck of the jar does not stop them. Sometimes it seems that cats are a real fluffy liquid that manages to look cute even in the most uncomfortable position. They are ready to get into the smallest jar and choose any other container. We present to you a selection of convincing evidence that the cat liquid actually exists.

1. “Indisputable proof that cats are liquid”

2. “I think this cheese stick has melted a little”

3. “I’m a fluffy cookie”


4. “The box is full”

5. ” Owner, why do you need flowers if there is me?”

6. “Angie’s Favorite Jar”

7. “Liquid cat”

Cat Is Liquid

8. “Oh no, your cocktail is pouring over the edge”

9. “An ordinary round cat”

Regular Circle Cat

10. “Such a cat should sit in the most beautiful vase”

Another Liquid Cat

11. ” How did this big cat fit into such a small container?”

I Really Don

12. “If I got in, I will sit”

Taking The

13. “My cat got into the pot and turned into a liquid”

14. “The sink is almost full”

15. “Is something wrong?”



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