The noble pit bull not only brought home a pregnant cat, but also helped her give birth

Everyone knows that Pit bulldogs are very dangerous and aggressive. This fighting breed is formidable and ruthless. But the act of the dog named Hades shows that pit bulls also have a good heart.

This dog lives in the capital of Mexico. Juan Jose Flores, the owner of Hades, told a touching story about him.

Even when the pit bull was a puppy, a stray cat accidentally came to Juan’s plot. Hades did not react to her in any way. But Flores brought her some food. After that, the man often fed the cat. All this time, the pit bull did not seem to notice the cat. The animals did not experience any aggression or friendly feelings for each other.

But one day, Juan heard some whining in the backyard. Hades ‘ doghouse was just there. When Flores came out of the house, he saw his pet very excited.

Hades seemed to be calling the owner. The man followed him, and he led him to his doghouse. Looking inside, Flores saw the stray cat there. She was about to give birth.

Amazingly, the formidable dog gave up his house to the cat and even dragged his favorite mat from the house. In general, he arranged everything so that the cat could comfortably give birth.

Soon a couple of kittens were born. According to Juan, Hades was happy, as if he had become a father himself. The formidable pit bull wagged his tail, examining the kids. No signs of aggression. Only good nature and joy.

The man decided to move the cat and her babies into the house. And of course, he allowed Hades to stay with them for the night. Juan gave the cat the nickname Nicole. When the kittens grow up, Flores is going to find them a new home.

The man is very proud of his dog. “This is a real example of selfless kindness,” says Huang.

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