Dangerous photoshoot: Angelina Jolie posed with a swarm of bees to draw attention to the problem of their disappearance

Angelina Jolie, who has been successfully engaged in charity work in various fields for a long time, has made one more worthy of respect act. She took part in a photoshoot with bees and allowed insects to crawl on her body.

On May 20, Bee Day was celebrated all over the world, and in honor of this holiday, Jolie decided to shoot for the magazine “National Geographic”. The pictures were taken by photographer Dan Winters, who was inspired by the work of Richard Avedon, who in 1981 shot a beekeeper whose naked torso was completely covered with insects.

Angelina actively helps in the implementation of the program developed by UNESCO together with the famous brand “Guerlain”. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to organize about 2.5 thousand new beehives around the world. And by 2025, if the initiative is supported, the number of pollinating insects should increase by 125 million.

In addition, the UN is implementing one more program called “From women to bees”, under the terms of which about 50 women will be trained and will be able to breed bees. Jolie also learns beekeeping skills and says that insects are quite comfortable in her garden. And a great place for hives will be the roof of the house.

The problem of the disappearance of bees has long become relevant, but not so much attention is drawn to it as to other world events. Therefore, the Hollywood actress decided to point out to the public that insects, which are pollinators of plants and play an important role in the ecosystem, are really on the verge of extinction.

For the safety of all participants of the event, special conditions were observed during the photoshoot. The lights were dimmed in the studio, no sounds were made, the workers practically remained motionless and did not make sudden movements. Also, everyone was dressed in special protective suits.

Jolie dressed in a light dress with open shoulders, she was the only one left unprotected. For the bees to move in a certain way, special pheromones were applied to the skin. Angelina did not take a shower for several days and did not use perfume so that the sharp smells would not irritate the bees.

The Hollywood star remained almost motionless for 18 minutes. All this time, bees were crawling on it. To prevent them from getting into the ears and nose, these parts were plugged. But one insect was constantly under the hem on the knee, causing discomfort and making her nervous.

And yet Jolie coped perfectly, as can be seen in the videos and pictures published on the National Geographic account on Instagram.

Photo in the announcement: National Geographic

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