Dog Friendship

Read this awesome story of the bonding between Great Dane Lily and Maddison who proved that there is no relation in this earth above friendship. It’s all about the company and friendship they maintained for each other. Once again it is proved that animals are no less that humans in case of relationships. Cheer up yourself with their happy life.

Lily, a 6-year-old Great Dane lost her eyesight and went into a depressive state until Maddison come along…

Maddison stays close to Lily whenever they walk, helping to guide her by touching her body against hers to let her know the way.

Not only did Madison become the eyes of Lily, she rubbed against her body to show affection and together they did everything that two normal dogs would do. They run and play together and spend time with each other to the extent that not one goes anywhere without the other.

Lily is now happy and out of depression.

These two dogs have proved how important friendship is to survive in the world.

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