To find the owner, the shelter puppy even learned to smile

All dogs that get into the shelter dream of finding a new home and owner as soon as possible. Every day they humbly wait and meet each new visitor. But some want to speed up the process of” adoption ” and try to please people in every possible way. So this little black Labrador, whose name is Burro and he lives in the Humane Society shelter, Louisiana, also decided not to sit waiting for a miracle, but to act.

When the puppy was 2 months old, together with his sister and brother, they got into a kennel for catching dogs. Then the dogs were taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

When the family recovered, they went to the orphanage, where they first took Burro’s brother. Apparently, this spurred the puppy to meet each visitor with a smile.

Seeing this, the shelter staff also decided to help the puppy and made a video, which in a short time collected more than 400 likes and a lot of comments.

Встреча с новыми хозяевами не заставила себя долго ждать. Бюрро очень понравился молодой паре, которая и забрали малыша домой. Теперь щенок живет в новом доме. Только вот сестра его осталась в приюте, но работники верят, что благодаря истории с Бюрро, она тоже скоро найдет себе новых друзей.

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