The dog has found a new owner for itself

When the American Jack Jokinen woke up in the morning, he had to solve a real riddle. A dog was sitting in his house, although all the doors and windows of the room were closed. The answer was found thanks to street surveillance cameras.

This is an amazing story, which we could not pass by, and we want to share it with you.

The man told about this incident on social networks.

Jack says that when he found a random guest at home, he went around the whole room, the windows and doors were closed… But a dog couldn’t open the door and enter, and then carefully close the door behind it… magic!

But the answers were given by the video from the surveillance cameras. It turns out that in the evening after a walk, the man did not close the front door tightly. There was bad weather at night, and the wind opened it. A stray dog saw the shelter and quickly entered it. And a random passerby just slammed the door.

Well, now, he can’t put a dog out on the street anymore. Jack took the dog to the vet for an examination. The condition, of course, was not the best. It turned out that the animal is 9 years old, for all this time it did not receive proper care and vaccinations.

All this was soon corrected, and the dog was named Susie. Now it has its own house, which, by the way, the animal chose itself.

As Jack says, he will try to do everything to provide Susie with a good life. And the dog is glad because it never even dreamed of such a turn of events!


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