If you have a cat in your house, take note of these life hacks

Whatever you say, but our most beloved and adored pets sometimes cause a lot of trouble. Today we will talk about cats. After all, when they are bored — they want to play and have fun to fully satisfy their instincts. But it’s not just about deliberate dirty tricks, we all know that cats have the property of shedding, sharpening their claws, and sometimes confusing a flower pot with their own.

We want to offer you a few life-hacks that will make life a little easier.

Self-scratcher (if anything, the name is made up)

Oh, how cats love it when the owner strokes them and combs them. But if you are very busy, or you are not at home, now your home inhabitant will be able to scratch and comb itself. Just attach a brush to the corner in the access for the cat, and that’s it.

A flowerpot is not a toilet! (sounds like a slogan)

A few minutes and the problem is solved, now you don’t have to worry about the flowers. Now as long as the cat doesn’t resent you and come up with a revenge plan.
Homemade Claw Sharpener
If it is not possible to buy a sharpener for claws in a specialized store, you can make it yourself. Simply wrap the leg of a table or chair with a rope or a piece of thick fabric. Most likely, your pet will appreciate such a budget option.
Homemade game for cats

From the toilet paper sleeves and an ordinary box, you can organize a great leisure time for your cat. Just throw a small ball there, or even a wrapper and your pet will be busy.


Wrap the board with a rope or again with a thick cloth and that’s it: the ladder is ready!

Cat Hammock

This is a real holiday for your cat! You will need a chair and a thick fabric (you can use a T-shirt or a sweater). We tie it to the legs and hooray!

A simple house for a cat

You will need a box and an old T-shirt. We take a T-shirt and pull it on the box. Then you need to cut a hole in the place of the neck of your T-shirt. That’s all, the house is ready!


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