People aren’t the only ones who are non-photogenic. These animals break all the records

Agree, photography is a completely different kind of art. But it’s one thing when you are a photographer and you amaze everyone with the beauty of your pictures, and another thing when they take pictures of you. And as it turned out, it is not so easy to be in the role of an object for photographing. Sometimes it’s easier to admit that it’s not fate! Because it does not work to pose, and look into the frame, and even an ordinary smile can turn out so distorted that, well…

But it’s not just about people, and you’ll see that now. There are some animals that, in no way, are nice in a photo.

«Take a picture of me in this position!»

And this is a newfangled pose…

What do you mean, “something’s wrong”?

Passport photo. It’s vital.

“Oh, I’m not wearing makeup!”

There are friends who will ruin a picture!

It is just a lot of fun!

And again, friends who spoil the photo.

I’m falling, but I’m still posing!

It’s just been a very difficult day…


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