Kittens of the Highland Fold breed, what could be nicer? Enchant yourself with us

There are four varieties of Scottish cats in the world, among them, there is such an interesting breed as the Highland Fold or the Scottish fold long-haired cat.

At the moment, this breed is not very common, but it is a pity because it is a truly unique breed. Where else will you find such soft and fluffy lumps that almost do not show their ears? They’re like aliens!

These babies are like furry balls from birth.

In fact, the Highland fold is a Scottish fold cat, only fluffy, and not just fluffy, but semi-long-haired. The hair of this breed of cats is quite long and thick.

But their wool is not subject to the formation of tangles, it has a flowing structure and does not resemble cotton wool… Having a cat of this breed at home is a pleasure.

Highland Folds are the most cheerful and at the same time calm cats. They are incredibly soft and fluffy. And most importantly, very intelligent animals with whom it is very easy and fun to be friends.

This breed has a very soft and easy character. They easily find common ground with everyone in the family. And they won’t suffer from grief and boredom if they stay home alone for a while.

It is recommended to take Highland-fold kittens only in specialized kennels or from famous and proven breeders. Moreover, the kittens in the nursery will already be vaccinated immediately, and what is important, they will have a passport and a high-quality pedigree.


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