How a homeless puppy managed to find owners in a completely different country

No one knows how this poor puppy got on the street. Perhaps he was born here, or perhaps he was simply thrown away as unnecessary garbage. He has learned a lot of grief and suffering in his tiny life. In addition to the fact that the baby had many different infections, he also had big problems with the spine…

A Canadian couple vacationing in Macedonia accidentally saw this puppy. The young people immediately liked him. They started feeding him and slowly getting acquainted. The puppy was very friendly. A few days after the first meeting, they bathed the puppy and took it to the veterinary clinic.

The couple firmly decided to take him with them, and for this, it was necessary to prepare the documents and the puppy itself for the flight.

The puppy was given a chip, several vaccinations and injections against infections were made. The young people decided to start treating the spine already in Canada since the injury was old and the dog was not bothered by any painful sensations. But the flight had to be postponed for as long as 14 days because the puppy was too exhausted for such trips.

In the house of his new owners, the puppy quickly settled in and became friends with another dog, who also lives with the young couple. Unfortunately, it was not possible to cure the puppy’s spine, but the main thing is that it does not bother him in any way and the dog can run and play together with another four-legged member of his family.

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