Find the differences: dogs Before and After a walk

Imagine that you have just bathed your dog, combed it, it is now beautiful and smells nice. But no one canceled walking in the fresh air!

And here’s a coincidence: only yesterday there was a downpour, the streets are full of puddles and swamps. “But the pet is well-mannered, it’s also nice for him to be clean and beautiful, he carefully walks and that’s it…” You thought, letting him off the leash…

And at some point, only dirty splashes flew… And your dog is no longer a dog at all, but a fluffy and dirty pig.

We have put together for you a collection of funny comparative photos showing why you should never let your dog play in the mud. Or vice versa, they will motivate you to do this if you like to bathe your four-legged friend.

We can say for sure: it was fun!

I just wet my paws.

Is something wrong?

Miniature “Find a dog”

Mistress, will you wash my paws?

Why are you looking at me like that? Did I get dirty somewhere?

Just the best day!

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