Top 10 pictures of a London photographer about how much cats look like people

Sometimes our pets look and behave in such a way that it seems as if they are adapting to the character of their owners. The theory of the similarity of a person and pets was so loved by photographer Gerrard Gettings that he devoted a whole photo project to it. The author paired cats and people with similar appearances and demonstrated their incredible similarities.

Today we offer you to make sure of this!

11 снимков лондонского фотографа о том, как сильно кошки похожи на людей

In fact, the people in the photos are not the owners of tailed friends, they only act as models, matched in a pair to the cats.

The London-based photographer has already created a similar project in 2018, but about the similarity of people and dogs. In the project “Do You Look Like Your Cat”, more attention is paid to the character traits and habits of the heroes of the picture.

According to Gerrard, photographing cats is a real challenge because they are very proud animals.

It took him a lot of effort and patience to win over the fluffy heroes of the project. Often it was possible to achieve this only with the help of sweets and toys.



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