From an egg that a woman bought in a Vietnamese restaurant, a duckling hatched, which became her best friend

The choice of a pet is not always easy. You have to consider the fact that you have to take care of it every day and meet its needs. The pet’s character, sometimes irritable or even rebellious, you will give him affection and love despite all this. The hardest part is if you’re a city dweller, and you don’t have a private house with a huge courtyard where your pet can enjoy the sun and the fresh air.

However, this Malaysian woman decided to take a risk and even managed to surprise her friends and family with an unusual decision… Two years ago, 39-year-old Erica Lim, a creative manager from Kuala Lumpur, bought a small, adorable duckling.

And it all started with the fact that Lim bought a fertilized duck egg at a Vietnamese restaurant in Puchong, where the Balut dish is prepared. Balut is a Filipino snack made from the developing embryo of a bird that is cooked with a shell. Lim did it emotionally but still decided that she would try to take care of it at home.

Driven by curiosity, she built a makeshift incubator out of styrofoam and several incandescent lamps and placed the egg inside.

To her surprise, two weeks later a cute little duckling was born and she became its «mother».

Lim immediately fell in love with this charming baby, and this experiment turned into a beautiful friendship. She first named her pet Daisy, but then she started calling her affectionately Bibit.

Of course, Bibit is very fond of water and often sneaks into the bathroom to bathe in the water.

And if the house is quiet, which means the duck is up to something, very often Lim discovers that Bibit is destroying something in the bathroom.

Friends often read a book together or watch TV.

They like to watch movie marathons, just like ordinary people in the city. Because it’s a city duck and it knows how to enjoy life!

Back in the day, when Bibit was a little duck, Lim even managed to smuggle it into the local cinema. Bibit behaved very well, and they enjoyed the movie together.

Lim says that Bibit lays eggs every 25 hours, so she has an unlimited supply of eggs that she shares with her friends and family.

“Ducks are beautiful companions. My Bibit is charming and attentive. I hope that many people will understand how fun it is to have a duck as a pet”,  says Lim.

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