Unusual friendship: in the Belgian zoo, a family of orangutans made friends with a family of otters

While in the world some quarrel with their neighbors over territory, because of loud dogs or garbage cans that are in the wrong place, wild animals learn to live in peace and harmony.

One of the employees of the Belgian zoo Pairi Daiza, Mathieu Gödefroy, on his page on social networks published unusual photos. In the pictures, the orangutan family befriended the otter family and became neighbors in the same enclosure.

In general, animals need not only proper care and food but also load to develop properly. On top of all the orangutans need spacious accommodation, which zoo workers have provided with various obstacles and exercise equipment, so they don’t have to be bored.

And for more realism, the workers conducted a stream through the aviary, which came out of the otter enclosure. If both of them want to live together – well, if not, then the otters will simply pass through the territory of the orangutans in transit. But in the end, everything turned out wonderfully.

The monkeys liked their new neighbors so much that they began to play together. If little Berani loves to run, play, hide like a child, then his dad, orangutan Ujyan, has become a real otter trainer.

For them, he arranges competitions, contests — something that people don’t really understand. But the fact that both of them are interested in each other is visible to the naked eye. They like to spend time together and not quarrel.

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