Cats of the Egyptian Mau breed are beautiful, graceful, restless and very cunning

Cats of the Egyptian Mau breed are active, always playful, cheerful, but not surprisingly, very reserved. They frolic in their usual surroundings, with children, with their owners, but they will stay away from strangers.

With all this, these cats are very affectionate and cozy. As a rule, this breed is not conflicted and gets along well with other pets.

And the most important thing is that these cats have a very quiet and pleasant voice.

The temperament is quite balanced, they have no aggression and they are stress-resistant.

But if you still decide to take a pet of this breed, be prepared for the fact that they are not fans of noise in the house, and excessive fuss, this situation will affect the character of the cat.

Another advantage of this breed is their good health, on average they live 12-15 years.

And in care, these cats are not fastidious. Ideally, of course, this is a private house with a patio, they love to explore the world around them. It is enough to comb the wool once a week.

But remember that Mau is very hard to bear loneliness, if you are often out of the house, or you are constantly traveling, you better think, should you have a cat of this breed?


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