A few proofs that a dog is a child’s best friend

What do you think the difference between a child’s perception of a dog and an adult is? It’s that children see in them not what they want, but what they really are. I mean, a funny and loyal friend. And that they can’t talk, so the kids don’t really speak languages. But both know and feel. No wonder they have such a successful union!

Today we have collected for you a very positive selection of photos that prove that the dog is the best friend of the child!

The whole essence of curiosity is in one photo


Two very talented artists

You can tolerate anything for friendship

Friends since birth

“Breathe, don’t breathe…”

For a jog

Secret in the ear

A friend always helps out

The best fur pillow

When you and your friend are on the same page

There will be something delicious soon


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