“History repeats itself.” Prince Harry compared Meghan to Diana: both were victims of racial prejudice

A recently published fragment from an interview with Prince Harry has further fueled the conflict in the royal family. The journalist’s questions forced the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II to recall the tragic period of his life. Harry experienced the loss of his mother at the age of 12, and the mention of Diana made him openly talk about his experiences.

The pain of losing a loved one, which overtook the prince in childhood, did not subside years later. He admitted that he had been abusing alcohol, and was ready to try everything to forget himself and get a little respite.

And today, Diana’s already grown-up son, who himself became a husband and father, admits that Diana was a victim of racial prejudice. And the attitude towards his wife Megan resembles the persecution of his mother. «My wife, like my mother, has entered their blacklist, and they will not rest until they are done with her», Prince Harry made such a loud statement. Do you agree with him? Let’s discuss it.

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