On the street in Tokyo settled a giant hyper-realistic kitten

Technology doesn’t just fill our lives, it dominates our lives. This was the experience of thousands of Japanese when a giant three-dimensional cat almost jumped out of the building at the Shinjuku junction in Tokyo!

As you may have guessed, the cat is drawn on a 3D screen, but it’s very realistic

It was created by MicroAd Digital Signage on behalf of the owner of the Cross Space building. The project is an advertising and educational – in fact, they do not show a cat, but the possibilities of a huge three-dimensional screen with an area of 154.7 sq.m. with support for 4D technology.

The official launch is only on July 12, but in the meantime there are tests.

Most of all, the effect of presence is surprising, there is a complete impression that the cat will now jump out of the wall into the street!

We like this technology, it decorates space and gives smiles to passers-by!

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