Little children and fluffy animals: Lisa Holloway’s magical photos

Lisa Holloway is a mother of 11 children who were born and raised on a farm in Arizona, among semi-wild nature. Their friends were a variety of pets and the photographer mom immediately noticed a powerful, magical connection that forms between them. All that remained was to pick up the camera and shoot!

There is kindness! It is natural for everyone!

Fluffy friend

Babies are calling to each other

Very beautiful pictures

A picture that breathes inspiration

What kind of tenderness is this?

It’s good when every child has a fluffy friend

And no toys are needed

Life on the farm has many advantages

Children grow up sensitive and caring

You can make friends with everyone!

There is only one cat, but there are many rabbits

This is what a happy childhood looks like

Heartfelt and sentimental photos that everyone will like without exception!

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