Confident cranks who are not ashamed of their originality

Modern culture says that everyone is unique, a person different from everyone else, and so on, although 90% of consumers of this ideology are indistinguishable, like chickens in an incubator. And those who are really out-of-the-box thinking don’t give a damn about conventions and restrictions on self-expression, they can be seen a mile away!

Inflatable hens don’t make you allergic. And it doesn’t shit in the corners

She knows a lot about disguise.

When CoVID is so scary that it’s easier just like that

The guard is coming to the rescue!

Why isn’t the cart a vehicle?

An exceptionally healthy cabbage cap

He’s not crazy, he’s a genius!

How fast he can go?

The flying monster exists!

Training with difficulty, budget version

Did you just retire?

By the way, a future doctor of sciences, or a politician

The main thing is personal comfort

Do not be ashamed of your desires, but you still need to take into account the opinion of everyone else!




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