17 pictures that will dramatically increase your Serotonin levels

If anyone does not know, serotonin is also called «the hormone of happiness», as it gives a good mood and positive emotions. And there’s never too many of them and we always want more. Well, let’s not get greedy and share our reserves of that happiness!

Toddlers and cuddles

Tried to hide to come with me

What an emotional beast

The perfect match of shades

It turns out that the sand is not at all delicious

Father is proud of his son

We are the same fur!

Static electricity does wonder

A child sees a ladybug for the first time

The dog loves to ride in the car

Cactuses deserve to have sombreros

We found a sleeping fawn on a walk

I got it! I won’t let you go!

It’s warmer together!

This cat is teasing again!

At the car wash, you need to use three-color foam — it’s beautiful!

Get in a good mood and enjoy life!




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