16 touching photos that will charge you with positive emotions for the whole coming month

Summer continues, problems are coming, but the person copes with them because he is stocking up! A charge of good mood, faith in the best, and just a smile that does not go off the face all day. The source of all this happiness will be our collection.
She said “yes”!
Another puppy has found its person
It is unclear who is the happier – the father or the daughter
100-year-old granny next to a 19-year-old great-grandson
Seven years ago, he almost died from radiation, and now he is a happy father
In a week, the rescued baby completely recovered
He left a drawing of his daughter as a keepsake
There are four generations of the same family between them
A new life and new hopes
All the components of comfort are in place
Dreams must come true!
But once he was against the cat in the house
Yes! We did it! First ponytail!
The dog Lucy holds the owner’s hand even in a dream
First meeting and first impressions
There were many cats in his life and everyone is the most beloved
There is always something to cling to in life, something to gain hope and inspiration. Smile and don’t be sad!
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