Toyoni Lake is the most romantic place in Japan

A few years ago, no one really knew about the existence of Lake Toyoni, and now the crowds of Japanese are sincerely disappointed. Because access to this miracle of nature is limited, and not everyone can a couple of days go on foot through the mountains and untrodden forests, and there is no other way to get there.

Lake Toyoni has the shape of a heart.

According to legend, the deities of the Japanese forests and mountains live here, even the old name of the lake can be translated as “the dwelling of the deity”. It is located in the wilds of the harsh northern island of Hokkaido, near the mountain of the same name. The lake is small, only 30 hectares.

The most beautiful view of Toyoni opens in autumn

The easiest way is to buy a ticket for a helicopter tour — you can see the lake from the best angles, but the helicopter does not land.

More advanced travelers go to Toyoni through gullies and dense forests of the reserve

The water in the lake is exceptionally clean, and peace and tranquility reign on its shores. The perfect place to learn about yourself and communicate with nature!


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