Houses in which it is impossible to live. Why build it at all? Photo selection

As a rule, before you build a house or a building, you should think carefully and consult specialists.

You have to plan everything before you start building because, in the end, you have to live, not just build and leave. But because our world, and especially our people, is so unpredictable, this also happens.

And now let’s look at pictures of the most ridiculous and totally unsuccessful homes around the world. By the way, no one lives there, which is basically impossible. You’ll understand why right after watching.

Write later in the comments, would you live in these houses?

For example, in the USA, a house was built directly on the sea. Well, how can you live here at all?

Stone House is in Portugal. It’s hard to imagine, but people live here.

In France, the old mill was turned into a full-fledged house, but of course, it is worth noting that not everyone could live here.

They decided to build a Teapot House in Texas.


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