An unexpected argument why it is necessary to close the toilet lid

It is generally believed that the habit of lowering and lifting the toilet seat is typical only for family people. This is not an issue for single people. But this is not so, it is only necessary to look at the situation from a different angle. For example, from the position of a pug.

This is Maggie and she is the happiest pug in the world!

Maggie’s life is beautiful, she loves and is loved. Since 9 months, the puppy began to be trained according to the therapy dog program and since then Maggie has been constantly in the center of attention, bringing joy to people. In addition, she lives in a great family and has a great time!

Maggie lives on the shore of a pond, next to the edge of the forest – she swims every day and hangs out in the wild. The dog is full of energy and always amusing, she’s a source of positivity. And you can’t call Maggie stupid either.

These praises were needed for you to understand that it was not her fault that Maggie was in a stupid situation.

What should she do? The legs are short, she can’t get out herself!

What happened is, Maggie likes to sit on the toilet lid and watch the household sometimes. This time she ran off and jumped… and the lid was lifted! So the dog fell, so suddenly, she got confused. At least the owner didn’t get confused.

Everything ended well and now everyone in the family always lowers the lid. For Maggie.


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