“Something more than a hairstyle”: 6 daredevils who like everyone’s attention

The hair grows back over time, but you will have to wait. That is why an unsuccessful haircut or hair coloring can greatly spoil the mood.

The heroes of our selection chose a different path, they decided to choose the strangest option that erases all ideas about the norm. It is difficult to deny them self-confidence.

In the next election, we present ordinary people who have become famous on the Internet only due to their unusual appearance. They posted photos taken immediately after visiting the beauty salon, and were able to compete with the stars in their popularity. After all, in our time there is a fashion for freaks.

Look at these images and appreciate the flight of imagination. Who did you like the most? Let’s discuss it in the comments. Or maybe your hairstyle is worthy of attention? Send us a photo, we’ll see.







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