Top 11: In which countries do the most beautiful women of our planet live?

It is no secret that climate, lifestyle, and even traditions leave their mark on people’s appearance. And genetics are hard to undo. For a long time, every people of the world formed and passed from generation to generation not only cultural features but also types of appearance, which often allow guessing the nationality of the person.

Today we decided to create a rating of countries that are famous for the beauty of their girls. Of course, beauty standards are a relative thing…Nevertheless, and in beauty contests, and in the modeling business, and simply, in the representations of tourists, there are countries where women have a special beauty.

The 11th horizon is occupied by Russia. Harmonious and sporty build, perfect white skin – the main advantages of Russian beauties.

Then comes Argentina. Temperamental and exotic beauties put this country in the top ten.

In ninth place, it’s Colombia. Extraordinarily feminine and endowed with natural grace Colombians conquer at first sight.

Latin America secured another place at the top at the expense of Venezuela. Graceful and perfectly folded beauties of this country are simply irresistible.

The beauties of Serbia occupy the seventh position in the top. Their peculiar Slavic beauty has enchanted many men.

And then the ratings take us back to the hot tropics. Brazil, in sixth place, completes the journey across the ocean.

The rather unexpected success of modern beauties from Australia brought this country to the honorable 5th place.

And how to do without Italy when it comes to women’s beauty? The heiress of the ancient Romans still conquers men’s hearts not only with natural beauty but also with a unique charm.

In the third place is the more ancient India. The women of this country embody all the charm of oriental beauty. They are not left without attention at any beauty contest.

Sweden goes to silver. As it turned out, a little restrained, and even cold, the beauty of Scandinavian girls has magnetic power.

The first place is for Ukraine. It is this country that can rightly be considered the birthplace of beauties. Ukrainian girls in their rich palette stand out not only the perfection of forms but also charm.



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