The baby monkey tried very hard to put the duckling to sleep

There is a place for real friendship in the animal world. Usually, representatives of the same species begin to make friends, although sometimes it happens otherwise. Interspecific relationships are not so frequent, but there are still cases that prove that even very different animals can communicate and treat each other with awe.

Take a look at the video where the baby monkey is so cute and funny nursing his feathered friend yellow duckling. The baby from the monkey family is still very small, but this does not prevent him from helping his friend. The monkey strokes the duckling, takes something out of its feathers, and also gently hugs and lies down next to it.

Probably, the baby thought that the bird wants to sleep, but can not fall asleep. After a while, the duckling gives in: he gets comfortable, closes his eyes, and calms down. The monkey managed to put his friend to sleep.

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