Real figures of celebrities: private pictures

Recently, the network is vigorously discussing pictures of celebrities of mature age, who ineptly choose clothes, showing their not very presentable figure. All users rushed to criticize them and leave non-flattering comments under their posts. But personally, we are for justice and therefore collected some pictures of our more or less young stars, who also made the mistake of wearing too open clothes.

And so let’s look at the honest pictures, after which you will make sure that it’s not about age.

Enjoy watching it, friends.

Irina Shayk (34 years old)

Iggy Azalea (30 years old)

Rihanna (32 years old)

Britney Spears (38 years old)

Scarlett Johansson (35 years old)

Alessandra Ambrosio (39 years old)

Kendall Jenner (25 years old)


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