Love and care work wonders: the incredible transformation of the rescued kitty

Nur Hamiza from Malaysia has always loved animals and tried to help them as much as possible. Therefore, when she met a stray cat that looked like a walking dead, she immediately realized that this was a sign of fate. Who, if not she, will help the unfortunate creature?

Do you recognize a cat in this? This is what Meimei looked like initially.

Bald, thin sides, ulcers, and wounds, a sick paw and eyes, a bunch of parasites and sores. The cat weighed at most 2 kg. They say about such animals that it is easier to help them die so that they do not suffer, but Nur Hamiza was of a different opinion. For ethical reasons, we do not publish explicit footage of the walking horror that was Meimei.

And this is her a year later — the wool has grown incredible!

As Nur Hamiza recalls, the cat herself came up to her, obediently climbed into the box, bravely underwent an examination at the veterinarian. She really wanted to be saved! And although few people believed in success, the woman did not doubt it and made every effort to save the cat. A year later, Meimei was unrecognizable — a well-fed, beautiful, cheerful cat!

Meimei is still afraid of outsiders and almost does not walk on the street, but she dotes on her owner!

Nur Hamiza Had and Meimei are very happy and grateful to heaven that they found each other!

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