Life is not the same without a cat! And with the cat… see for yourself.

Surely every cat owner has a dozen or two, if not a hundred, interesting stories in his memory bag about what their pets did at different times and in different situations. And some of them were even documented! We will not pull the cat’s tail, we start watching!

Why didn’t we immediately call him “A born Idiot”?

The cutie poses

All cats are like cats, but one is the hero of the day!

A vegan diet? In my bowl? Seriously?

Strange games that people play

Caught with the evidence in its teeth!

When there is unanimity in the family

Cool and brutal Catman

See what I can do!

It’s really hot outside

Angel or demon? It hasn’t been decided yet.

Sleepy creature

It seems that we have a new and not very kind director

The cat is training, and what do you brag about?

Pure, reference sadness

Cats are all different and adventures are different too. That’s why there are so many photos of all the funny things they do!


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