What do the main actors of “Twilight” look like after 13 years

Thirteen years ago, the famous saga about vampires and other similar creatures was released on the screens. The actors of this movie were remembered by many, but not all gained real fame after filming.

Kristen Stewart

Stewart, who played the modest Bella, was a hostage of her image for a long time, so after the filming was completed, she radically changed her image: she cut off her long hair and dyed it blonde, changed her clothing style to relaxed and casual. Kristen tried herself in different roles, starred in original films, but also participated in successful films. Soon she will appear in the image of Diana-the favorite British princess.

Nikki Reed

Reed played the role of Rosalie, and this work became a real turning point in her career, turning the girl into a sought-after actress. Nikki became the wife of Ian Somerhalder, and in the 17th year, the couple had a daughter. Now Reid’s real appearance is far from her image in the saga: it is difficult to recognize the past difficult teenager in an elegant, spectacular girl.

Ashley Greene

Green, who is remembered by everyone for the role of Alice, looks completely different in reality. At first, she often experimented with her appearance, changed hairstyles and hair shades. At the moment, Ashley leads a healthy lifestyle and at the same time is sure that appearance is a fickle concept, so you definitely should not worry about it. For several years, the actress has been happy in an alliance with Paul Kouri, who is engaged in voice acting.

Anna Kendrick

Anna played the role of the girlfriend of the main character Jessica. The actress changed after working in “Twilight” not so dramatically, but she lost weight and with it got rid of the complex. She prefers not to pay attention to haters, encourages everyone to look for harmony in themselves. Kendrick is in demand as an actress: the film “Netflix” in the science fiction genre is due to be released very soon. In” Deep Space”, the girl will play one of the main roles.

Robert Pattinson

Many girls were crazy about the vampire Edward, and after the completion of the saga, Robert’s acting activity continued. He played many successful roles, proving his talent and ability to masterfully transform. The last successful works include “The Devil is always Here”, as well as Christopher Nolan’s “Argument”. By the way, in about a year, viewers will be able to see the actor in the role of Batman.

Taylor Lautner

Lautner is known for the role of a werewolf named Jacob, and although many people learned about the actor after this work, his career did not go uphill. In 2011, he was seen in the “Chase”, but the critics did not like the game. Five years ago, Taylor got a role in” Scream Queens”, and more recently it was reported that the guy will participate in the filming of the Netflix project – “Home Team”.

Do you remember these actors?

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