A kitten who lives on a military base has learned to march

In Turkish Manisa, a strange incident occurred at a military base, the protagonist of which was an ordinary kitten.

Rather, the animal is not quite ordinary, as it demonstrated an amazing skill mastered in the barracks.

In fact, the cat spent its entire life in a military unit, where it probably watched the soldiers who mastered the basics of military service, among which marching occupies a separate place. Apparently, the kitten for so long watched the soldiers walking in a row that it decided to try to do the same.

At first, the soldiers thought that by alternately moving the paws, the cat simply wanted to draw attention to itself or demand another meal. But then someone noticed that this behavior of the animal was observed either in the characteristic sounds of the horn or in the moments of the soldier’s training.

The soldiers decided to test the hypothesis: one of them began to march. The cat got up next to him and also began to raise his legs high, and well getting into the tact. However, the cat’s patience was not enough for a long time. He quickly left the small formation and hurried away on his own business.

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