A devil’s dozen proofs that the time machine exists and works

Scientists have estimated that there have been about 117 billion people on this planet. From which we can conclude that with such a large number of inhabitants of the planet, there should be quite a few people who are similar to each other. But who believes in coincidences, if we know that the time machine and travel to the past are to blame for everything?

Did Michael Jackson live in Ancient Egypt?

Did Nicolas Cage visit the 19th century?

Stallone’s face is timeless

Keanu Reeves is a handsome man at all times

Brad Pitt never gets his hair cut short

Tommy Lee Jones is a historical character

As did his colleague Alec Baldwin

Robin Williams is easily disguised

Even Rupert Grint has been in the past

Loki’s companion, Tom Hiddelston, did not surprise us

In the past, Johnny Depp was neater

Peter Dinkage is a Renaissance man

Master of Reincarnation Steve Martin

And who will say that these are simple coincidences? Let’s consider the facts of unspecified time travel proven!

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