This fuzzy handsome guy likes to take a shower, he even has a couple of accessories for that

This cute kitty’s name is Mipo. The owners took him from the orphanage when the kitty was two months old.

During the examination at the veterinarian, it turned out that the cat’s breed is British long-haired, which means that its fur is thick and thin, and it must be properly cared for and often washed. The owners were ready for anything, but not to the fact that the pet will gladly take a shower.

Mipo has absolutely nothing against water, he takes a shower with pleasure and it even seems that he enjoys the process itself.

Just look at this muzzle.

Also, the cat has several accessories for taking a shower.

But what a bright turban, any fashionista will envy such an accessory

Wow, what a fateful guy!

And here Mipo is taking a shower. He likes it and does not try to escape at all.

Clean and fresh!

What beautiful fur!

Look at the video of Mipo bathing.

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