‘I couldn’t do otherwise’: Nurse donated part of her liver to a boy

Braden Outen is an 8-year-old schoolboy from the USA. He was an absolutely healthy and active child, did not differ from his peers, studied, played sports, played with friends until one day he felt unwell.

Braden’s parents became worried and took their son to the hospital in Milwaukee. After a long examination, it turned out that there is an aggressive virus in the boy’s body, which simply destroys liver cells.

Doctors did not hide from the boy’s parents the seriousness of the disease and advised them as soon as possible to search for a donor for the liver because only this way they can return normal life to the child.

“When we first heard about the transplant, we both almost lost our senses. We couldn’t even think how serious it was,” Braden’s mother Ruth said.

Braden was getting worse every day, and they couldn’t find a donor. After seeing how the boy’s parents are worried and killed, a nurse from the intensive care unit named Kami Lorenz offered her candidacy as a liver donor. She really sincerely wanted to help this family and their child.

Fortunately, Кami absolutely suited Braden as a donor. Part of her liver was transplanted to the child, and soon he began to recover.

“There are no words to express our gratitude to her! She is a selfless person who was not afraid of pain to save the life of our child! Now Kami is a member of our close-knit family for us, “ said the boy’s father, James Outen.

Braden and Кami stayed in the hospital for a few more weeks and then went home.

The boy’s parents were insanely grateful to the nurse for saving their child and invited her to their family photoshoot.

Braden has already returned to school, he is completely healthy, feels well, and lives the usual life of a schoolboy.




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