Amazing curly cats have charmed all the Web users

Selkirk-rex is a cat with light and affectionate character. It resembles a soft toy that you just want to cuddle.

Their curly fur, like that of all rexes, looks randomly tousled. This makes the Selkirks seem funnier than other rexes.

Cats of this breed have a wonderful character, they are not capricious, they are very calm, they are always happy to emphasize their loyalty to their owners.

But at the same time, they are not jealous of children or other pets. When guests come home, you can not be afraid of aggression from cats.

Selkirks are cats with good health. No genetic diseases were detected.

The breeders believe that if several breeds were involved in their creation, that is the probability of predisposition to some diseases, they have simply not found them yet.





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