To survive in a house with cats, the parrot learned to “talk” like a cat

The fact that parrots can talk is no secret to anyone. But besides the human language, this species of feathers can perfectly learn the «languages» of animals.

This cockatoo has been living in a house with a lot of cats since childhood. What else can it do? It had to study. It listened carefully to the sounds, at first the parrot learned to meow, but gradually it began to growl and hiss like a cat.

And here came the moment when the cockatoo decided to demonstrate his skills to the cats. It turned out that the parrot perfectly learned the “foreign language”. Judging by the reaction of the whiskered ones, they were a little shocked when they heard the parrot meowing and hissing.

The owner of the bird recorded it on video and posted a video on the Internet.

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