17 photos from the series “And we didn’t notice how our fuzzies grew up”

When a fuzzy ball comes into the house, and they’re almost all that, it’s rarely taken seriously. Even if it weighs a few pounds. We are touched by them, and they eat and grow, and they grow so fast, that they invariably stump people.

Try not to let him sit on the couch!

The mistress’s kitty grew up

Look how fluffy the bone is!

He doesn’t hunt mice, he hunts dwarf elephants

I don’t know anything, deep down I’m still a puppy

It’s hard to hold

Do not approach the master, he is under my protection

A walking fur mattress, it’s about the same size

Once he could get lost on this carpet

In six months, the puppy turned into a furry monster

Just the size of an owner

Untrimmed indoor lion

He still resorts to hiding on the owners ‘ laps when he hears fireworks

The width of the face is just right!

Master Main-Kun

You can’t even tell where the dog begins and where ends

This little one is only 6 months old!

There should be a lot of good animals! Love them and feed them




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