A man found a small kitten in his boat and it became his close friend

One morning, a man went to clean up his boat before the start of the season. As soon as he took off the tarp, he saw a little ball of fur in the corner, and suddenly this little ball began to squeak…

“My husband was cleaning the boat and found this lonely baby. He brought it into the house, “ says Louise Schofield.

There is a colony of wild cats in the city where the family lives. And later it became known that the kitten they found was born together with his brothers in the garage near their house.

“The owner of that garage is a big fan of cats and regularly feeds the animals in the vicinity. A few days after the kittens were born, one of them was found dead in the driveway. The owner of the garage immediately went to look for the other kittens, but they seemed to have disappeared.”

As a result, no one could find the mother cat, and the man decided that she and her baby had died.

This all happened just before the Scofields found one baby in their boat.

People understood that if they left him, he would die. Therefore, they took the kitten to themselves and began to nurse it. They warmed him up and fed him every two hours.

“We took full custody and became his surrogate parents. We gave him food, helped him go to the toilet, petted him. In general, we did everything that his mother would have done, “ recalls Louise.

The foundling was named Whisker. He now lives in a family where there are three other cats, which, by the way, the Scofields also saved.

“This is the most loving cat I’ve ever seen! He wants to lie on our heads, faces, necks and knees every second. Its purring engine is constantly running at high speeds.”

Whisker’s favorite place to sleep is on his foster dad’s shoulder.

When Whisker was found, he was a tiny kitten the size of a palm. And now, after 5 months, he has blossomed into a magnificent fluffy cat who shows his love and appreciation to his people every day.




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