Top 13 real photos of moms who saw their babies for the first time

For every mother, the very first meeting with her baby is a very touching and memorable event in her life. Of course, there will be a lot more unforgettable moments, but the very first second when you meet your son or daughter is priceless…

Today we have collected the top 13 most touching, tender, bright photos from the first meeting of mothers and their children. Look, each of them is special, there is something more in them than just a picture from the maternity hospital.

Look into those eyes, how much happiness there is in them!

The most favorite little bundle

Happy parents

And this baby is a real traveler, he was born in a car

How many pleasant emotions in one photo!

Mom is always ready to love and protect!

The son

The love of her life

Husband’s support


And here is double happiness!

Everyone was touched…

Well, what could be more beautiful?!







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