Learn to relax from our smaller brothers

Pets usually have no sleeping problems. Their conscience does not torment them, they do not think about politics and economics, they rely entirely on their owners and simply trust their instincts. As you look at this sweet dream, it becomes already enviable! Well, we will learn from their experience.

To go tubing is a thing!

He chewed the plant and immediately fell asleep

It’s good when your owner is a children’s nurse, she swaddles perfectly!

And let The Whole World Wait!

He wanted to sleep on this very small chair so much that I had to help him

Dogs don’t like to wash, but they do like to sleep in the bathroom!

Come on, sing me a lullaby

The most relaxed pose

It loves to fall asleep with a bottle from the age of a kitten

My mimimeter broke

Still, a warm bath is cool

Alternative use of the toy

A little water on the tummy — complete relaxation!

True connoisseurs of a good holiday! Take an example from them.

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