3D tattoos of Luke Cormier look like animated drawings

In a stupid childhood, we liked stickers, all the pictures that could be put on the skin and looked like «real» tattoos. Well, almost. But Luke Cormier, also known as Mr. Tattoo Sticker, has turned this into a new art form.

It’s a drawing

No, it’s not a piece of paper. It’s a drawing.

Luke applies three-dimensional effects masterfully

Playing with shadows is his thing

They really seem voluminous

More precisely, they look flat, but as if separate from the skin

Cartoon theme emphasizes “non-seriousness” of drawings

They say that a” normal ” tattoo is a part of the body

And this looks like something separate.

But that’s the point. That’s the idea.

A lot of people want to take these drawings off the skin

Thanks to this strange effect the master became famous

Luke Cormier has hundreds of thousands of followers and views

It’s not surprising, because he’s very talented

It is beautiful and interesting, such an art that we love and appreciate. If you really spoil the skin, then at least with such patterns!



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