In Italy, a man discovered a very old villa with a full wine cellar

Roman Robruk lives in the Netherlands, he is a professional photographer and particularly likes to visit untouched or abandoned places where there is a special atmosphere.

Last year, a photographer on a tour of the northern part of the Italian territory discovered an ancient mansion, the history of which goes back to the far nineteenth century.

The villa resembled ruins that were overgrown with bushes and covered with a layer of moss. When Roman went inside, he was simply stunned by what he saw. The interior is so well preserved that at first glance it may seem that the landlord has simply left for a while.

The living room, designed in yellow scale, demonstrated a pair of cozy sofas with soft velvet upholstery. And the ceiling turned out to be a real work of art: it was decorated with a picture of tree branches.

Other rooms were no less luxurious. Gently covered beds seemed to be waiting for their owners. On the wall in one of the rooms, Robruk saw a picture of a palace located right on the seashore.

All around, there were exquisite elements of the interior: statuettes of saints, furniture, books. The windows were decorated with beautiful curtains. Roman was also surprised to discover the cellar, which turned out to be a veritable repository of numerous bottles of wine and liquor. The fact that the mansion had been empty for a long time was only reminded by the dense dusty coating and crumbling plaster.

During his examination of the villa, Roman discovered that the first owner of the building was a lawyer with a knighthood title: according to the photograph found, the photographer determined and the year of birth of the owner – it was 1874. The mansion was then owned by a wealthy family engaged in crop production.

In the documents, Robruck found a birth certificate dated to the 41st year of the last century. The son had higher education in agriculture and probably helped the parents in running the family business.

Photos of the old villa are impressive. Such pictures are often found in Roman’s account.
He shares them with his followers, and they are often fascinated by these photos. But We are sure if you see these incredible places in person, you can get even more vivid impressions.
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